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Upgrade to a fantastic new User experience with EasySocial App 5.4 !

The EasySocial App 5.4 release marks a huge milestone in the development of this product. This version is a complete rewrite of the code and uses the nice new UI that we spoke about some months back. The app is now based on the Unite Framework and brings some fantastic performance improvements. Using Unite also means that we can make improvements faster.

Try the free version on your site today. This version is full featured and comes with AppCarvers branding. Make sure you read the documentation for setting up the APIs to ensure you can make the app work with your site. You can also try using the demo credentials that the app is packaged with.

Get it on Google Play Get it on iTunes 

Get a custom build with your own branding

Love the EasySocial app and want one for your own website ? We offer customized builds as a service that lets you brand the app with your own colours and logo. Learn more about Easysocial App.

Prices Slashed !

With this release, we are also slashing the price of the custom app subscription to US$ 299. This applies to all new subscriptions. Renewals get an additional 20% discount.

Now that we have got those announcements done, I’m sure you can’t wait to look at the improvements and more screenshots. For those wanting details, a changelog is also given Read on to see what’s inside !

 *EasyBundle Subscribers and Subscribers using one site as the base for multiple AppCarvers apps, please make sure you read the complete blog for upgrade instructions.

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Techjoomla has released version 2.2 of the Joomla REST API extension com_api

Last week Techjoomla has released a new version of com_api (version 2.2) which introduces some fantastic improvements to the base API system. You can read more about these changes here.What does this mean for AppCarvers Apps ?AppCarvers maintains its...

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JTicketing Events Manager App v3.3 is here!

We are happy to bring to you the new version of JTicketing Events Manager app, version 3.3. Besides support for the latest JTicketing extension v2.0, this release will allow for customisations using AC Builder and offer support for a multilingual interface!

Please make sure you use the new API package on the API installation page. If you are also using EasyBlog and EasySocial Apps on the same site, please contact us and do not update directly. 

Prices Slashed !

With AC Builder support, the pressure on our team to do all the work needed for custom builds is reduced significantly. This benefit has been transferred to you in the form of a 50% price cut for the customisation !

Get it Customised now !

You can download the Pro versions of the app for iOS and Android from the app store and play store respectively.

You can download the Free versions of the app for iOS and Android from the app store and play store respectively.

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EasySocial App alpha 4 is here!

We are happy to release an update for the EasySocial App, EasySocial app alpha 4 update. While we have a feature freeze now on the app and we had hoped to release the app by now, we have seen some usability issues that we had not realised earlier that we are fixing before we do a final release.

While we do our own internal testing, we would love it if you can help test and give your feedback as well. The alpha comes preconfigured with demo access. So do test and report any issues you find ! As of now we plan to release in the last week of July.

The EasySocial app Alpha 4 is available to download on the play store and app store. Continue reading for the detailed changelog.


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App Source code now available for download to subscribers !

As you know as our subscribers, you are entitled to access to the source code of our core applications. Till now you had to request this using tickets. From now however we are making it easier for you to access the source code.If you have an active S...

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Easysocial app alpha 3 is here!

As we move into the final stages of development for the new EasySocial app (Unite based), here is an update for you to show you where we are as of now.

We are happy to release Alpha 3 for you to test and provide your feedback. This release introduces the timeline view in addition to bug fixes in the earlier alpha.

Note that, since EasySocial does not offer the newsfeed in JSON, we have some limitations in designing this view to perfectly match our designs. We have requested the EasySocial team to fix this in their future releases. We will be going ahead and releasing this version however with some upgrades on the design to make it closer to ours.  

The EasySocial app Alpha 3 is available to download on the play store and app store.


Please download the app and give us your feedback ! Read more for the detailed changelog.

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Update on the Brand new Easysocial App Alpha 2 based on Unite !

As we are inching closer towards the stable major release of Easysocial App, we are happy to bring you to an update on the Alpha 2 release for the brand new Easysocial App based on Unite ! This blog is a follow up to the earlier released update blog for the Easysocial App alpha release. This release is coupled with some minor bug fixes and new features. The Easysocial app alpha 2 is available to download on both the app store and play store. Read more for the feature list and detailed changelog.


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Easysocial App alpha release is here!

It has been some time since we shared updates on the development of the new EasySocial App. If you follow us on social media, you might have seen the sneak peek video we released on youtube a few days back. In case you missed it here it is !

In this blog we take you through a quick overview of where we are now with the development cycle. You can also download the alpha version for the Easysocial app from the links below. Do bear in mind that this is a pre-alpha preview release & not ready by any means !  


Click on read more so that you can find some screenshots of some of the ready screens.

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Google Docs to Joomla Addon - Hackathon Updates !

The last Saturday was one like any other working Saturday at the Tekdi offices - filled with learning, fun and exciting hackathons. This week we collaborated with members from various teams like Techjoomla as well as the Enterprise Joomla development team to hack together a proof of concept Google Docs application that would allow publishing content easily from a Google Document to Joomla using REST APIs. 

Since the Appcarvers team already has 'The Blog App' and APIs ready on our github for both Joomla core and EasyBlog, this was a perfect task for us to pick up. While there is still a long way to go, we were successful in showcasing a basic addon that allows text publishing in a matter of 3-4 hours ! 

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Blog App 4.1.2 is here!

We are happy to bring to you Blog App 4.1.2 with a lot of UX improvements and bug fixes. The free and pro versions are available on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store for download. 

Subscribers of customisation can request a new build when they are ready to upgrade. Please ensure your subscription is active to get the updated build. As always renewals before expiry automatically get a 20% discount !

Note that if you have a ES Bundle, then you cannot update this version of the Blog App yet as this is on the new Unite framework while the current EasySocial version is using legacy code. You will be able to update once the new version of EasySocial is out.

You can simply access different websites to read the blogs present there by entering only the site url on the login screen without entering the username and password after clicking on the gear icon(settings). You don’t have to login to read the blogs on different sites. Note that you can login to the site to add and write the blogs.

We have added a few screenshots for your reference along with the detailed changelog. Click on read more to view the changelog and screenshots.

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Blog App 4.1 is here with brand new designs!

Since we talked about the new designs for the Blog app on our blog, we have been bombarded with emails on when we are releasing it. Thank you so much for your response ! Well, its finally here !!

We are delighted to announce that Blog App v4.1 that brings a host of UX improvements as well the fresh new designs is here and ready for you to download. This release is written ground up on top of the Unite Framework and brings with the goodness of Ionic 2 !

What’s more this will be the first release that will support using AC Builder which is also being released today. AC Builder v 0.1 is our first step towards ‘Self Service Customization’ that’s now available on This will currently allow you to manage the base sites for which you want to order apps and also manage and edit app configuration and styling files.  You can read docs about AC Builder here.  

Try the Free version

The free version of the app supports all features except blog authoring and uses AppCarvers branding. 

                                                                           Get it on Google Play Blog App on the app store

Get the Pro Version with Blog Authoring

The pro version lets your users blog on the go in addition to all features of the free version

                                                                           Get it on Google Play Blog App on the app store

Get a custom build with your own branding

Love the blog app and want one for your own website ? We offer customized builds as a service that lets you brand the app with your own colors and logo. Learn more about Getting your own Customized Build

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Brand New Designs for The Blog App!

Following our earlier blog for Easysocial App where we showed glimpses of what to expect in the next major release of Easysocial app, we are happy to bring to you the new designs for ‘The Blog App’.Before starting the design process, it was important...

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Google Login comes to EasySocial App in version 5.3.3!

While we work on the awesome new updates and designs we discussed in our earlier blog, the team has managed to squeeze in a new update in version 5.3.3  that introduces login with Google on Android !

In addition to this new feature, quite a few bugs have been fixed too !

Note - Please install EasySocial version 2.x on your site and latest API package 1.8.8 from AppCarvers to make this version work. Google login works only on Android.

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Brand new designs for Easysocial App!

In our earlier blog - The EasySocial App. The Story so far and the road ahead, we have discussed about how we are now making a strategic shift towards focusing on giving a first class mobile experience to end users giving the first priority to those features that users are more likely to use on mobile.

As a first step towards this, we are doing a complete redesign of the User interface and experience of the EasySocial application.
The other key element in the next major release of the app will be adoption of the Unite Chassis which with it will bring easier customisations and a lot of performance improvements.


div dir="ltr">Here’s a glimpse of what will come in the next major release ! We would love your feedback on the same. Please do comment and reply !! Read on for the screenshots.

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EasySocial App v5.3.1 release with language selection and EasySocial 2.0 support !

We are happy to announce the release of EasySocial App 5.3.1. The biggest of this release is that now the App works with EasySocial 2X. We have also added a feature to let users choose their language while logging in. In addition to these several bug fixes and minor ui/ux improvements have been made in this version.


Note that this app and API package only with with EasySocial 2x and won't work correctly with the 1x series. So please plan for doing an EasySocial 2x upgrade before you start with the app. Once you are ready, add a ticket to request an upgraded build on this package. Note that you need an active subscription to request updated builds. 

The ES App 5.3.1 needs the API package 1.8.7 package which is also now available for download.  


Like it and want one of your own ? Order a custom build today ! 

Read on for the complete changelog

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