EasyBlog app customisation

The Easyblog app allows the following UI elements to be customised. The UI customisation is done by editing the sass variables in the code.

UI ElementSASS variableComment
Primary button color image primary The colour for the primary buttons
Primary button color image brand-bg The colour of the text overlay. This value needs to be in RGB format.
font-Featured color image font-Featured text colour for featured blog
font-Unfeatured color image font-Unfeatured Text colour for non-featured blogs
Link color image link-colour Text colour for links
Author color image author Colour for author's name
Footer-bar-icons color image footer-bar-icons-color Colour for footer bar icon
Footer-bg color image footer-bg-color Footer background colour
Toolbar bg color image toolbar-bg-color Toolbar background colour
Toolbar color image toolbar-color Toolbar Icon Colour
Toolbar Active color image toolbar-active-color Toolbar Active Icon Colour