Appcarvers is the mobile wing of Tekdi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With a solid experience in delivering Projects from a large variety of verticals as well as sizes, adding mobile as a platform was a natural diversification to Tekdi. Eventually the apps team was given its own branding under Appcarvers. 

AppCarvers offers development services for Enterprise mobility to create tightly integrated applications and also works with Startups to build awesome new products. With its own offering of products, the product development experience helps our custommers as well. 

To complement our sister company Techjoomla (which works in the Joomla Product development space), Appcarvers has come up with a framework called 'JUnite' to easily and scalably build applicatons on the Joomla platform. Mobile apps for EasySocial, The Blog App, Jticketing App etc are built on the same platform and complement respective Joomla products.