EasySocial app customisation

The EasySocial app allows the following UI elements to be customised. The UI customisation is done by editing the sass variables in the code.

UI Element SASS variable Comment
Botton color image primary, button-color The colour for the primary buttons
Navigation bar color image navbar-color Used in the navigation bar/top bar of each page
Botton color image label-color This is the form input label color
Link color image link-color This is used for the links in the app
Segment button color image segment-button-color This color used in the group, Profile and Events slider

Start with the Customization

  1. Config.json file :

    Config file image

    Config file image

  2. Custom-style.scss file :

    Style file image

  3. Hamburger.json file :

    In the EasySocial App menu, if you want to have external site, then you can replace the default appcarvers sitename with your website sitename and appcarvers site url with your website url.

    Hamburger file image

  4. en.json file :

    In this file, user needs to replace EasySocial with the app name of his choice and AppCarvers name with his oragnization name. If the user's site supports any other language, he/she needs to translate the file in that language.