What We Do?

Building Apps that matter! In today’s fast paced world, you are always on the move. Why should productivity take a toll because you cannot be near your computer ? We build apps that let you connect to your business while on the move so you can perform critical actions and make crucial decisions right from your smartphone. And of course think of the scores of trees that you will save by going paperless :) With AppCarvers, our strategy is to help customers adapt and bring a great experience across Web, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Mobile Apps

We love to build amazing smart phone applications. Business and productivity apps, social networks, news readers and time killers we build ‘em all. How would you like yours - Hybrid or Native ?

HTML5 and API Mashups

Reporting dashboards, data visualisations and web frontends. We present Web 2.0 in it’s full glory by using the power of  HTML5. That also means we love getting our hands dirty with any API you can toss at us!

Desktop Apps

Javascript/HTML5 apps rule the roost when it comes to portability across Operating Systems. We help you leverage the portability and get great value by building Chrome Apps that run on all OSe

We Love Cool Technology

We constantly update our technology toolkit to provide customers a perfect balance between stability and cutting edge technologies. We leverage various services, standards and software toolkits like AngularJS, Phonegap, Appcelerator and Amazon webservices to extract maximum value for your dream app.

androidiOS DevelopmentWindows Phone App DevelopmentApps for Google Chrome and Chrome OSHybrid apps using AppceleratorHybrid apps using PhonegapWe use AngularJS with PhonegapWe use jQuery Mobile with Phonegap

We  Our Customers

"It's better to see something once that to hear about it a thousand times" …therefore do not torture but please the eyes of your clients.