What do I get in my subscription?

  • A mobile app based on the app your purchased, with a modified look and feel to suit your website.
  • The colours, icons, fonts, splash screens and backgrounds can be replaced to yours (You will have to provide us those).
  • Note that any functional or workflow modifications are not a part of the purchase
  • In case you have any extensions installed which modify the workflow of the base extension for the app, then any unexpected behavior in the app is not covered in the subscription. You need to request custom development for the same
  • Publishing this modified version of the app to the Apple iTunes Store and Android Play Store via your accounts.
  • 6 months access to the main stream of the source code so that after the first build you can build yourself
  • Access to Updates for the main source code and Support! Updates of the App to your customised build as long as you have an active subscription

    ** Subscribers will be provided an updated build within 30 days only after a new stable release is out. Note that this timeline only holds if your app does not have any customisation over and above what we give in the standard customisation package. If you have bought additional customisations for us, the upgrade might be chargable and would take more time.

If I have a custom branded app, and you make enhancements to the base app, do I get updates to my version? For how long?

Upon purchase, you get 6 months access to the main app’s source code. Additionally we also provide the modified assets, CSS files the first time we create the build for you. With these 2 you can very easily make the further builds using appropriate software. However if you need us to do updates and builds for us on the app with additional enhancements, it may be charged extra.

Does my purchase include Android as well as the iOS builds?

Yes, it does include both. As of now there are no plans to support Windows

Is the app completely native, or do you use Appcelerator or Phonegap for cross-platform compatibility?

It's a hybrid app, built using Cordova for cross platform compatibility. Most apps use Unite Framework (which is based on Ionic 2) or AngularJS Mobile as the internal framework.

How does Support work? Is it a yearly contract?

The cost includes 6 months of ticket support to the customer (you) but not to your end users.

How does deploying to the app stores work?  Do you deploy it or do I have to register for a developer account and do it?

We prefer that you sign up for your own store accounts and give us access so that we can launch using your account. We can launch using our account as well, but from a branding perspective we seriously don’t recommend that :)

What kind of hardware/software would I need to build the app myself?

For IOS build -
  1. A developer account on iTunes/Apple

  2. You will need a Mac with the latest Mountain Lion (Older versions may work, but not tested)

  3. Xcode 6

For Android build -
  1. A Google Play Store Account

  2. Android Developement Tool - ADT Bundle

How Long does it take to publish the app on playstore and iTunes?

  1. After you submit the required assets to us, we will need around 2 weeks to create a customised build using your assets.
  2. Once this build is ready, we will share a URL with you to try your build on a few test devices.
  3. Once you verify everything is in order, we will start making your app live on the Android and Apple stores.
  4. For the Google Play (Android) store, it will get published on the same day we upload the app.
  5. For iTunes Store (iOS), it will take a further 10-15 days for the app to go live, this is the normal time Apple takes for completing the review of any app.

Will the App be provided in any language?

Yes, the app can be provided to you in any one language (you will have to provide the translation) you want. However, that language can't be changed later.

What if your site / App is going to contain Adult / X rated content?

  1. Under section 65 of Information and Technology Act India. We're prohibited to work for / transmit / view adult content.
  2. So, strictly no support and builds will be provided for app having adult / x rated content.

What if you are getting errors or warnings in the app or the app is not working?

  • In this case, please read the document properly.
  • If the issue still persists, then create a ticket for support and provide your site admin details along with the error/warning.

How can you share your account?

When does my subscription start?

  • - The subscription starts as soon as the app has been purchased by the customer.

What do we need to deliver demo builds?

1.  For Ios - You need to provide us UDID of your iOS device. We will incorporate that into the provisioning profile and send you the build link or  the .ipa file. The iOS builds can only be delivered using the UDID. Click here to get the steps for creating UDID. 2. For Android - We will send the apk file in the ticket.

How can we download .ipa file?

To download .ipa file, you need to follow below mentioned steps:

      1. Open the iTunes on your laptop or PC 
      2. Connect your device to the iTunes 
      3. Select your device from iTunes 
      4. Drag the attached build to your phone 
      5. App will get installed on your phone. 
      6. Please make sure that you will use the same device that is previously used for this builds.

Asset changes allowed?

- We accept requirement / asset changes only once. Therefore, please make sure you are providing us the final requirements.

What if my notifications are not working?

  • Please go through the document and follow the steps mentioned to start your notifications.
  • If you did setings as per above document for ios and android. After that in "Push notification config" menu
    you will see " Test" button, Using that you can test notification.

To test notification 
  1. Login in to app using admin login, because test notificaion will send to only admin type user.
  2. Then click on test button, you will get test notification message.
  •  If still it is not working, then please share your admin details through the support ticket.

Still your questions are not answered? Drop in a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Do you provide additional In App Links as part of the customisation in the menu ? If so How many and do they support SSO ?

  • Yes we add upto 3 additional in app links in the Menu for free as part of the customisation. The links will open in an 'in app browser' Note that SSO (Single Sign on) is not supported for these links and if they are protected links the user will need to sign in again. Also note that we are not doing anything besides adding the link you provide us in the app menu. How the link behaves or looks is not in our control.

Do you provide additional customisations or features outside the support scope at additional cost ? In that case how does it affect the Subscription ?

  • Yes we do provide services for customisations. You can email us using the contact form to get a quote. When additional customisations are done, while you will get access to source code on your subscription, updates to your app will cost extra as the impact on customisations needs to be taken into account. Additional App updates will be quoted at actuals in such cases.