How To Create Facebook App ID To Add Facebook Login To The App

Creating a Facebook Developer App

To create a Facebook developer app for our Cordova app do the following:

  1. Visit the Facebook Developer Apps Page and click Add a New App. Select Website as the platform. Make sure you have registered/Logged in to the Facebook Website.

Adding a new App to Facebook

  1. Enter an app name and click Create new Facebook App ID.

Add App Name

  1. Select your app category and click Create App ID.

Create App ID

  1. Click Skip Quick Start in the top right corner.

  2. Enter the app domain and Site URL into the Basic settings tab as shown below

Basic settings.PNG

  1. Click on Add Product and select Facebook Login.

  2. Click on Facebook login, go to Client Oauth Setting and add Valid OAuth redirect URIs as “http://localhost/callback”, Save the changes

OAuth Setting.PNG

  1. Select App Review from the left-hand side. Select 'Yes' to Make your App Public

App Review.PNG

  1. Login to your administrator site. Go to Extensions ? Plugins ? Select API Users. Add the Facebook Application ID/ App ID


Backend setting.PNG