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Google Docs to Joomla Addon - Hackathon Updates !

Google Docs to Joomla Addon - Hackathon Updates !

The last Saturday was one like any other working Saturday at the Tekdi offices - filled with learning, fun and exciting hackathons. This week we collaborated with members from various teams like Techjoomla as well as the Enterprise Joomla development team to hack together a proof of concept Google Docs application that would allow publishing content easily from a Google Document to Joomla using REST APIs. 

Since the Appcarvers team already has 'The Blog App' and APIs ready on our github for both Joomla core and EasyBlog, this was a perfect task for us to pick up. While there is still a long way to go, we were successful in showcasing a basic addon that allows text publishing in a matter of 3-4 hours ! 

Google Docs are really powerful in collaborative editing features and a lot of people I know regularly use it to collaborate on content writing. So we had this idea in mind for a long time now but never had the time to invest in creating something. Then a few weeks ago, Automatic published an update that it was now offering an add on for Wordpress.com users that would allow exactly this. That got us moving :) 

Here's a quick demo video showcasing what we have achieved so far. For the hackers in you, provided below are our current code backlog of what we still need to achieve as well as links to our github repository. Feel free to fork and send pull requests !

Easysocial App alpha release is here!
Blog App 4.1.2 is here!