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JUnite Update : Where are we going with JUnite from here ?

JUnite Update : Where are we going with JUnite from here ?

JUnite started as a Meta package for bundling all our Joomla related applications into one test package. At the last update JUnite allowed you to test EasySocial, EasyBlog and JGive.

Of these JGive was an alpha release with only campaign browsing features. As of now the development of the jGive App in its current form (as an app for donors/front end users) has been halted. We will however definitely consider continuing it in the future if there is enough demand. An app for campaign owners is however under consideration as of now. If this is of interest for you, do post in the comments section. 

Coming to JUnite, while we will continue the development of this app in the future, it will mainly be as a showcase to demonstrate the capability to combine multiple apps into one. Till further notice however, we are not doing any new releases of the app. 

For EasySocial and EasyBlog users, the combined EasyBundle app (which is based on JUnite) will however be continued and get regular updates. 

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