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Easysocial App alpha release is here!

Easysocial App alpha release is here!

It has been some time since we shared updates on the development of the new EasySocial App. If you follow us on social media, you might have seen the sneak peek video we released on youtube a few days back. In case you missed it here it is !

In this blog we take you through a quick overview of where we are now with the development cycle. You can also download the alpha version for the Easysocial app from the links below. Do bear in mind that this is a pre-alpha preview release & not ready by any means !  


Click on read more so that you can find some screenshots of some of the ready screens.

So what all is pending now ?

So here is where we are . We will now be working on the News Feed.  Right now EasySocial does not offer the newsfeed as a pure JSON. We are working with them so that they can do this in future versions making it easier and more predictable to design a clean stream on the app. For now however we shall be doing some basic data manipulations to convert the HTML stream to a JSON one.   

Besides this right now we still need to work on Share, Push notifications & Social login on the new framework.


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