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EasySocial App 5.6.0 is here with RTL language support


The EasySocial App 5.6.0 release marks another milestone in the development of this product. We have introduced RTL language support in this release. Besides this, we have also fixed a few bugs in this release. EasySocial App is now compatible with EasySocial v3.0.5.  

Try the Free version

Try the free version on your site today. This version is fully featured and comes with AppCarvers branding. Make sure you read the documentation for setting up the APIs to ensure you can make the app work with your site. You can also try using the demo credentials that the app is packaged with.   


Get a custom build with your own branding

Love the EasySocial app and want one for your own website? We offer customized builds as a service that lets you brand the app with your own colors and logo. Learn more about Getting your own Customized Build.

Read on for the feature description and detailed changelog for the bug fixes in EasySocial App 5.6.0.


RTL language support

With EasySocial App 5.6.0, we have added RTL language support to the app. A lot of widely used languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and Persian are now supported in the app.


  1. [Group chat]- The first message to the group sends multiple times
  2. [IOS]- Reconfirmed password icon is not working on the update profile page
  3. [Groups]- Shows "Join" button on group detail view even if the user has already joined the group
  4. [Invite group]- Shows warning when user click on invite group
  5. [Event]- Shows incorrect "going" count on the event detail page
  6. [Pages]- Shows unlike button even if the user has already unlike the page
  7. [Pages]- Any user can add images into the album
  8. [Group] - Anyone can post data on newsfeed before joining the group
  9. A user can push to group many times if he wants.
  10. [Events]- Shows "Past event" on the event detail page even if the event is not started yet
  11. [Android]- [Edit profile]- "Edit profile from site" field is not working
  12. [IOS] [Story dashboard]- Shows username instead of select category label on IOS device
  13. [Events/Friends/Groups/Pages]- Keyboard gets hide when user click on the search button
  14. [IOS-poll]- Display (-1) when user vote for the poll
  15. [Chat]- Send double messages when user send only the single message in the chat
  16. [Story]- Hide/delete & React popup options scrolls all over the page
  17. Continue - [Chat]- UX defect for the chat If one user sends multiple messages to the other user
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