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EasySocial App 5.5.2 released with profile editing feature


We are happy to release EasySocial App 5.5.2 with the all new profile editing feature. User can now edit his profile directly from the app.

You can download the free versions of the app from play store and app store respectively.

Do let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section!

Like it and want one of your own? You can Order a custom build today!  


Read on for the feature list and the detailed changelog.


Profile editing

With EasySocial App 5.5.2, the user will be able to edit his profile information directly from the app. The “basic information” i.e. name, email id, password and profile picture can be changed directly via the app. Full profile can be edited using the link that opens the profile edit screen in a web view.


  • User able to like number of pages beyond the set limit
  • Shows only Status, video & link options on newsfeed page for new register user
  • Shows incorrect count of likes on page list view & page detail view
  • Shows code on the event detail page
  • Shows "something went wrong" message when user click on event RSVP
  • Shows incorrect error message when user like any page
  • Shows same record multiple times for leaderboard
  • User name is not getting displayed when logged in user try to tag a friend for a post
  • Keyboard gets hide when user click on search button for events/friends/groups/pages
  • Discussion button get disabled when user select group type & click on okay button
  • Video is not visible when user upload video from camera for iOS
  • Shows different case of Username(Like user1 & User1) on video detail page on IOS & android device
  • UI defect for cross button when user upload video
  • If user cancel the request for private page then shows incorrect message
  • When user uploads video on IOS device it starts play immediately
  • when user post any video through story dashboard & again go to video upload it shows previously uploaded video for iOS for video upload
  • Shows "false" on poll options
  • Shows follow button when user trying to unfollow the friend but cancel the unfollow request
  • shows bold tag in the app when another user post replay in the bold format for group discussions
  • Shows different profile pic on view profile page & edit profile page when user changes profile pic through the site
  • Error message is missing when same user is already registered on the app
  • UX defect for chat If one user send multiple message to other user
  • Not able to create albums. shows album limit reached
  • Sometimes shows API error message while registration for new user
  • Like button gets disappeared from the page when user goes to discussion tab of page
  • Shows number of likes on pages when admin changes page owner
  • Group discussion is not working for iOS
  • Shows blank page when user click on newsfeed->group/event activity for edit profile
  • Avatar album have same image multiple times if user set same profile pic multiple times
  • Shows error when user trying to upload the video by selecting camera option for newsfeed/events/group
  • Unable to create discussion in pages
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