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Jticketing Event Manager App v3.2 is here!

Jticketing Event Manager App v3.2 is here!

Wohoo! We are super excited to announce the release of JTicketing Event Manager App v3.2 today. This release brings a fresh new UI to the app and is a complete rewrite based on our Unite Framework based on Ionic 2.

Besides the new UI, we have also brought a new Sales view as well as a host of bug fixes. Read on to see the complete details.

The JTicketing App is available in 2 flavours on the AppStore & Playstore.

JTicketing Event Manager Free

Only Search. No Support for QR Code Scanning

Get it on Google Play Download JTicketing Pro on App Store

JTicketing Event Manager Pro

Full featured including QR Code Scanning to check in users !

Get it on Google Play Download JTicketing Pro on App Store

Love the app and want one of your own? Get it customised now !

Read on to know the further details and the complete changelog.

What's new?

A Complete Rewrite based on Unite Framework

This is our first release based on Unite framework. We will be blogging more about the framework and how developers can also start using it pretty soon. You can start following it on github immediately though! Some of the documentation is already up and those of you who can’t wait, can go ahead and dive in!

Brand new UI

Moving to unite has brought with it the benefit of using reusable ionic components and what better way to showcase it than bring you something nice to look at ? So with this release events are showcased in a beautiful card view as well a improved Event details view.



Combined View with filters for Tickets Sold & Attendee Check in Status

We have combined the multiple views we had earlier to have one consolidated view that allows you to Search and add as well as use the filters to switch between Attendees with different statuses.

Ticket sales view

Not the greatest to look at but this view gives the event owner a quick view of his Overall Sales including fees paid and his earnings. We hope to improve this in upcoming versions.

My Payouts view

This view gives a quick list of all the payouts made out to the event owner to date.



  • User is not able to login if he types or does copy-paste for the credentials

  • There is no notification when the ticket is scanned successfully and the 'duplicate' message when scanning an already checked in ticket only shows periodically

  • Once a ticket is scanned the app returns to the default list of events instead of staying inside the event itself, and appears to freeze when trying to re-select the event again

  • The app freezes when trying to scan another ticket after scanning the first test ticket

  • When logging in with other details, app still shows events of previously logged details

  • My Payouts does not have data and when pulled to refresh, the loader keeps on spinning

  • Showing "Something went wrong" if searching for wrong events

  • Tickets available is displayed as 0 when no one has bought the ticket

  • Attendee list search bar is not working properly (known issue)

  • Sometimes the scroll gets stuck and nothing happens in the app

  • When we check-in using select option, the data should get refreshed on the list view as well as details view

  • If we are showing Unlimited seats for an event, then there is no need of displaying Tickets Available

  • Pull to refresh on event details is not working

  • Value of total ticket should not change

  • Not able to login to JTicketing

  • Sometimes scanner scans a ticket only if we take the camera farther and not if the QR fits the camera

  • Sometimes JTicketing pro hangs while scanning

  • If logged in as techdemo3, not able to see any event in the app but if logged in as techdemo5, "walk in the wood" event is displayed which is created by techdemo3

  • On event detail page, ">" closing tag is broken in Samsung

  • On login page, Site URL and Username/Email symbol is breaking

  • Search and add view vertical scroll is not smooth

  • If admin edits the ticket type, current data get blank in app

  • Reduce the popup size for Scan and Add

  • Unpublish event get displayed in event list

  • On Attendee list, Message absent for blank attendee list

  • On Attendee list, Event name is not central aligned

  • Onclick button effect absent for scanner and search

  • Date format should be changed

  • Unnecessary beep when I cancel scanning

  • Unable to search event on all event page.

  • Loader absent on all event page

  • Wrong event id is being displayed

  • Start time and end time are getting wrong

  • Favicon icon required near the back button

  • Refresh page required for All event page

  • UI Improvements from forums

  • Old events, and events deleted from JTicketing are still shown in the app

  • Small text on the screen is hard to read when in a busy queue of people

  • UI issue on Event details

  • Values getting wrong on Check-In list .The total sold tickets and check-in list values are mismatched

  • Ui issue on Ticket sales -> label is not in centered

  • Remove the bouncing effect. Header bar should be stable

  • Data gets wrong in check-in list

  • Request URL not found related issue

  • Provide clear text button for search functionality

  • If user searches something & that is not available, then Display "No Result Found" message .

  • Application should not log-out , if internet connection is lost while using application (Display "No internet connection" message)

  • Add "location" of Event on Events Details page on all event page

  • Refresh button is required on Ticket sales page

  • Logout button is blur, it should be clear as other icon like refresh button

  • Add "ticket type" & "Checked/unchecked" label for Check-in List Page

  • Change placeholder message for search Text Field for Search & Add Page

  • Change label as "Ticket Type" on Attendee list Page

  • Add "Book ID" & "Ticket Type" label in Alert message

  • Change "Alert" word by App name in Check-in pop-up

  • Change placeholder message for Attendee List Page

  • Change placeholder on All Events Page for Search text fields

  • Application is displaying a wrong pop-up message (Alert : False) after check in

  • Display user friendly message instead of "Error Parsing JSON Request failed" (when site url is wrong)

  • Display a message " No data found" , when user clicks on the "Search & add" button (If there is no ticket for check in ) {Event view}

  • Application is displaying Totally white screen, when we open the app from 'recent app' tab

  • Display a pop-up "Do you really want to logout" (Yes or no) after clicking on logout button

  • Display a message "Qr CODE IS VALID" instead of "found a plain text" after reading bar-code

  • 'Back' button is required in qr-code reader view

  • 'Place a barcode inside the viewfinder rectangle to scan it' should be rotatable.

  • Bar-code reader is taking longer time to read the barcode (When bar-code is damaged)

  • Finding it difficult to understand the Check-in Graph

  • Add three dots instead of two dots after 'search' keyword (Search box)

  • Provide the facility to search attendee by entering booking id in attendee view (without space)

  • Search text is not getting cleared in attendee list view (Search box)

  • Display a message " No data found" when user try to search something which is not there!

  • Logout button should be there on each & every Page

  • Wrong count for ticket types sometimes

  • Reformat message after check in.

  • Jticketing Pro - cancelling scanning gives Invalid Barcode message.

  • Jticketing - android back button has an issue when going through list of attendees.

  • Jticketing - The app is horribly slow !

  • Jticketing - search and scan options not available in the free version ?

  • Not loading animations when some processing is happening

  • No highlights when I click on various areas. You have no idea what's happening and if u clicked or not

  • Jticketing - No splash screens. These are important to give a good impression of the app

  • If clicking on go button or enter button on device keyboard should work as submit.

  • Prepending ?http://? to a URL that doesn't already contain ?http://?

  • Show only Paid events and Split up it in to with current & past events

  • Verify event with booking ID while check in with scan and add

  • Changes to API for showing ticket type details and show user events

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