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Blog App 4.1 is here with brand new designs!

Blog App 4.1 is here with brand new designs!

Since we talked about the new designs for the Blog app on our blog, we have been bombarded with emails on when we are releasing it. Thank you so much for your response ! Well, its finally here !!

We are delighted to announce that Blog App v4.1 that brings a host of UX improvements as well the fresh new designs is here and ready for you to download. This release is written ground up on top of the Unite Framework and brings with the goodness of Ionic 2 !

What’s more this will be the first release that will support using AC Builder which is also being released today. AC Builder v 0.1 is our first step towards ‘Self Service Customization’ that’s now available on AppCarvers.com. This will currently allow you to manage the base sites for which you want to order apps and also manage and edit app configuration and styling files.  You can read docs about AC Builder here.  

Try the Free version

The free version of the app supports all features except blog authoring and uses AppCarvers branding. 

                                                                           Get it on Google Play Blog App on the app store

Get the Pro Version with Blog Authoring

The pro version lets your users blog on the go in addition to all features of the free version

                                                                           Get it on Google Play Blog App on the app store

Get a custom build with your own branding

Love the blog app and want one for your own website ? We offer customized builds as a service that lets you brand the app with your own colors and logo. Learn more about Getting your own Customized Build

Special Launch Discount on Custom Builds only till 7th March !

We are offering a spectacular discount of 30% to celebrate this milestone launch. Just use the code LAUNCH30 when you order a custom build of the Blog App. Offer ends 7th March, 2017. So hurry !!

Coupon Code-LAUNCH30

Now that we have got those announcements done, I’m sure you can’t wait to look at more screenshots. For those wanting details, a changelog is also given Read on to see what’s inside !

Screenshots of Blog App 4.1

A glimpse at some of the major design changes that are a part of this release.

A video demonstration of the Blog App 4.1 with new designs!


  • Blogs created before 2 hours are not being displayed in the app

  • Creating a new blog takes time if image is added using camera

  • Follow Author - The successful message is displayed as 'You are followingPrem'

  • Search View - The search view is different from the given design

  • Search View - The view is completely different from the given design

  • Tags - Create blog and Search icon is overlapping with blog title

  • List View - Space between author, category name and time should be reduced

  • When No internet connection, app shows error as 'Something Went Wrong!' or just loader keeps on moving

  • Loader should not be displayed on splash screen

  • Create blog - loader is displayed twice after the image gets uploaded

  • If category is not selected, blog gets created but gives error as 'something went wrong'

  • Create Blog - Albums and camera not working

  • Sometimes the image of previously created blog is replaced by image of newly created blog

  • Full description of a blog is not being displayed

  • Create time of a blog is incorrect

  • When Followed an author, tag does not change to Following

  • Throughout the app, when I pull to refresh, I am redirected to Homepage

  • Details View - Separator should not be provided on the details page

  • List View - The line spacing between an image, Title and blog details is very less as compared to the designs

  • Blog List View - The featured blogs are displayed again in the list as unfeatured blogs

  • Create Blog - When clicking on Select Category dropdown, the textbox should get closed

  • Create Blog - Category is repeated in the list

  • Create Blog - Not able to select tag from the options

  • Details view - Line spacing between two sentence in description is very less as compared to the designs

  • Details View - The font colour of blog title should be gray

  • Details view - The tag icon used in the app is different

  • List View - The font colour of an unfeatured blog's title should be grey

  • List View - Featured Blog - The font size of title of featured text should be greater than unfeatured blogs

  • List view - The text colour of time is gray in the design

  • Details View - UI needs to be improved

  • Default image is not loading

  • Spelling mistake - Something

  • Image should be resized

  • When sharing last blog via email, the image shown is of another blog

  • On Authors page, For prem, 22 posts have been mentioned, only 15 are in the list

  • When tapped on Bshee's post, list also shows Prem's post

  • The Home and create blog icon are highlighted when tap on Create Blog

  • New Blog - When new blog is created with image, two blogs are created

  • User gets logged out if he exists the app

  • Blog List View - Bookmark and share button getting cropped

  • User should not get Follow option for self

  • No successful message is displayed when user logs out

  • Change the successful message from "You are followed to user_name" to "You are following user_username"

  • Report this blog post - When we tap on the text box, the color of the tooltip changes to red

  • Blog details view - categories link is not working

  • The search button should be disabled until user types something in the search engine

  • After log in, app shows "no data to display message" for long time and later show the list

  • List view - Broken image on list view for blog "Test Rating"

  • Search - The Keyboard search button does not work

  • List View - When we tap on categories, the screen shows No Results Found, after some time, it shows the correct result

  • Login - The font size is too small. It should be at least one point up

  • Blogs are not getting created from ipad if given dates

  • Tags:- Search view:- Search is not working properly ref description

  • Frontend:- Easyblog demo:- Login and click on the bloggers view :- Shows Fatal error

  • Frontend:- EasyBlog view:- Font difference of category word in the list view(ref screenshot)

  • Frontend:- Category :- The newly added category are not getting displayed on category list

  • If I click cancel button, app shows 'Please fill in this field' for some seconds and then takes back

  • Subscribe to Update - Validations are not working

  • Comments - Validations are not working

  • Blog links - If clicked on a link, by default demo.appcarvers link gets opened which gives 404

  • Blog detail view - Broken images displayed in the app, if added images from the site

  • Search - If I enter games in the search engine, app shows blogs having 'G' letter in the blog name

  • Password protected blogs - The tool tip is breaking due to view blog button

  • Subscribe - Not getting email notification when a new blog is created though I have subscribed to the blogs notifications

  • Report as Spam - The tool tip should be complete. Now it is showing ellipses where the screen ends

  • Bloggers - If click on a blogger, related blogs are not listed

  • Tags - Tags are not showing related blogs

  • Create new blog - Permalink spelling is wrong

  • New Blog - While creating new blog, getting message as 'Something went wrong' though blog gets created

  • New Blog - Blog is not getting created

  • Blog details view - Comments - Font size is too large

  • Blog details view - Comments not working

  • Blog detail view - Subscribe - The confirmation message does not have space between the text created and email id

  • Deepa's new blog - Creation time is wrong

  • Create Blog - Size of delete image button is small

  • Login - If username and password is wrong, app shows error message and keeps on loading the page

  • Splash screen is not added in the app

  • App goes blank when resuming app from background

  • Delete Blog - Confirmation message displayed is 'Do you want to delete your blog'

  • Change the list and card view icons

  • When we delete a blog, app gets hanged

  • Blog list view - "No more data to display" is shown earlier. Remove this message

  • Latest Blogs list view - Blog images are getting stretched in Nexus

  • Use text editor when creating the blog.

  • While creating blogs with images, images does not get uploaded

  • HTML text is displayed in featured blogs

  • Not able to create blog as the select category list doesn't show anything

  • Complete description is not displayed on latest blog list

  • Not able to give star for any blog

  • The app show different people in bloggers list

  • Not able to enter description in blog in HTC

  • Newly created blogs are not listed in latest blogs

  • Comment on blog it shows the name of owner only.

  • Alignment should be proper on publish setting page.

  • The all pop up messages after creating and deleting the first letter should be capital

  • New blog view: Category field password field for what purpose is given not clear.

  • New blog view: Unpublished blog also publish.

  • New blog view: Toaster message alignment not proper.

  • New blog view: Navigation header is available

  • Latest Blog: Didn't find earlier blog which created before latest blog.

  • New blog view: Uploading image is unsuccessful.

  • Publish setting view: Enter the tags tooltip required.

  • Creating a new blog if we enter any text in blog title then the description text blog is not working.

  • Reduce image height from the apps. it looks so big in list as well as detail blog page

  • Full blog api

  • API : Search from tags or add tags params for the tags in the write blog api.

  • Add tags implementation in New Blog section.

  • Phase 2 -Loading message position should be fix ! ( Loading message position moves from top to down , when we log into the site.)

  • Android 4.2 Version ::On Focus , placeholder message of search should not hide (When we click on Search button, focus should go to search text fields & place holder should not hide) it should work similar to Ipad & Android 4.4

  • IOS Issue : Add bablog content does not rotate) Create Universal iOS build of blog app Links in blog description don't have full URLs Login API for the app. Add Scroller, when we scroll the pageck-button to move back from current page to previous page

  • I-pad specific issue :: Screen rotation issue with sharing functionality (Sharing options rotates but blog content does not rotate)

  • Create Universal iOS build of blog app

  • Links in blog description don't have full URLs

  • Login API for the app.

  • Add Scroller, when we scroll the page 

Blog App 4.1.2 is here!
Brand New Designs for The Blog App!

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