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Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!

Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!

We are happy to bring you a early beta release of EasySocial App 5.3. With this beta you will be able to test the new Polls feature and also get the facility to hide or delete items from your stream. We have also introduced a small in app browser based registration form that supports profile types in this release.

There have been considerable bug fixes and improvements in managing videos, App notifications now obey user configuration. Also the app now obeys the Name vs Username display as set in the EasySocial configuration. Besides this we have done literally a ton of bug fixes and a few more will come as the app moves from Beta to Stable.

One more change we are making from the original roadmap, we are for now not going to add the display of the blocked list in the app as customer feedback has shown that its not a feature people will use in the app.

We invite you to test this version and give us your feedback. The Beta is free to download. You can download them at the links below:

Download for Android Download for IOS

Make sure you're using the latest api to make this version work. Note: Since this is a Beta app, we do not recommend it to use it with your live site!  For those who are interested in reading the full change log, please click on Continue Reading for the same.


  • In photos, when we click on a link, it does not get opened and also app gets hanged
  • Not able to upload images via gallery or camera in Nexus
  • While creating event, if event start date has time in PM, then for End date & time only shows AM option
  • Videos on newsfeed are stretched
  • Video automatically gets a like when user uploads it
  • Leaderboard does not work smoothly
  • For some users, name is not getting displayed in more details
  • Like does not stay on the comments after refreshing
  • The drop down button alignment is not proper
  • If user logs in with email id, he is logged in into Harry's account
  • No details are displayed in more details if user has registered using number as username
  • If registered with username as number, in the places of names it shows usernames (number)
  • Missing constant for delete posts by admin
  • No stream is displayed in the newsfeed
  • If user has blocked a friend and searches his name, search list shows "Unfriend" tag rather than "Unblock"
  • Blocked users are listed in All tab as well as in Block list
  • The colour of the like button does not change even if we like or unlike the video
  • Comment on videos is not working
  • If created a profile type with Allow in Registration as No, still the profile type is displayed in Registration page in the app
  • In more details, if registered with profile type "Business Owner", birthdate is displayed as current date
  • Not able to see information in More Details if created user with profile type Musician
  • No name is displayed on Friend's list view
  • When we only fill mandatory details, app shows default birthdate and gender
  • Missing validation on Registration
  • In Registration form, the data does not get cleared if we successfully Register or Cancel the process
  • If a status has been posted with privacy setting as Only Me or My Friends and tagged another user, the post should not be seen by the person tagged
  • App shows 23 followers in the View Profile, but on Followers view it shows only 13 followers
  • Repeated follower's list on followers view
  • Progress bar not working properly on poll view
  • For multiple selections, If I click on a checkbox twice, it shows 2 votes with same person for same option
  • While creating poll, the poll item field is displaying delete option even though it is compulsory field and user cannot delete it
  • On Leaderboard, transition of less to more should be snappy
  • Website, in groups, under more details should have link
  • After creating a new group, user does not get redirected to the group list
  • App is slow in reaction when typing
  • Category on "VIDEOS" is getting cropped on iPhone 5s
  • UI is not good on leaderboard in iPhone 5c
  • Missing constant on tags
  • Sent Invitation is getting cropped in iphone 5C
  • When I click on 1 Follower, app shows "looks like API" error
  • When I select NO, the loader keeps on rotating for more time
  • The message displayed when entered wrong URL for video is "Video uploading failed"
  • "Continue Reading" for articles is not working in the app
  • Video list is displayed as old ones first and the newer later
  • Likes of links via push notification is user like the link (target)shared
  • Invitation sent to parag is not getting listed anywhere in the group
  • If wrong url is given for upload video, 'looks like api' error is displayed
  • Current birth date is displayed in iPhone
  • Badges sticking to followers count and points and friend count is overlapping with cover photo on View profile in Nexus
  • If we unfeature groups and refresh the featured tab, it is giving looks like API error
  • No uniqueness on groups
  • In iOS, If a group name is longer, it gets hidden/overlap with the group member information
  • Notifications are not working in IOS
  • User can login without accepting terms and conditions
  • UI Issue on video
  • If I have a Invite-only group marked as featured, then non-members can see it in their Featured list
  • Data shown in the app is different from the data shown in the website
  • Cancel button is not working
  • Clicking on link is not working
  • Click on video link on news feed
  • Not able to add videos
  • UI issue on View Profile page
  • For events, attending option is not displayed if the Allow not going state has been set False
  • Easysocial is crashing on IPad
  • Cannot see friend's photos even if they have added albums
  • Approve/Reject option is displayed to all users in Pending tab
  • Missing scroll on Events
  • User is able to attend event even if the seat limit is 0
  • Load more on events is displayed after 10 users and it does not load anything
  • When admin of an event opens album of the specific event from newsfeed, it does not show create new option
  • UI issue for Report this Stream/User/Groups/Events
  • Uniformity in the app should be maintained for Names
  • On events, If I click on Attend this event, the event does not get attended in one click
  • Undefined error on Groups
  • If I click back button after reading terms and conditions, the checkbox gets unchecked
  • Notification ON-OFF shows developer side constants
  • Repeated data on Groups in Featured tab
  • While rejecting pending requests, the pop-up message shows "Group Undefined"
  • UI issue on events in Moto E
  • User is getting flag for their created events
  • In videos "There are no videos available here" text is displayed at the end of the list
  • On Android, Comments are getting posted but the message is displayed as comments not posted. Please try later
  • Not able to login to easysocial using FB
  • If I click back button after reading terms and conditions, the registration page goes blank
  • Cover pic is overlapping with the contents on Group, User Profile and Events
  • Video is not working in IPad
  • Font size of the app is very small on few devices
  • More than 10 friends are not getting loaded when viewing friend's friend list
  • Birthday information is shown wrong in more details
  • Not able to create new event in HTC
  • All conversation is listed, still load more button is displayed
  • Group details does not show complete details when compared to demo.appcarvers and Stackideas Easysocial
  • There is no option to Approve/Reject for join group
  • iOS notification in mobile app
  • Easy social is getting crashed when while creating album we click photo in full zoom
  • In album, 10 images are not getting uploaded
  • When account is created using numbers, the account gets created but shows error message "User Not Found"
  • "Undefined" warning present if you have weak internet connection
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