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EasySocial App 5.5 is here!


EasySocial App 5.5 is yet another milestone in the development of this app. With this release, we are introducing two brand new features-Emojis/React for newsfeed and a feature to upload and play videos inside the app from the device.


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Read on for the complete list of features and detailed changelog.


React/Emoji’s for newsfeed

With this new feature, users are given the power to express themselves and react to the newsfeed posts. We have added human emotions to your activity stream with this brand new feature. Whether you are happy, sad or angry, we have an emoji for every reaction.

Upload and play videos in the app from the device

Earlier it was only possible to stream videos inside the app through external links via YouTube and Facebook. From this release onwards, you can upload and play videos native to your device. We have also provided validation for the size of the video to be uploaded inside the app. If the video size is large, the video will be compressed and then uploaded to the server.


  • No way to see who likes the post for newsfeed.

  • Implementation image caching in the app for photos, albums.

  • The back button is not available when user visit group site (for IPA)

  • User able to like pages even if admin disable like pages config

  • Friends API takes time to load data when the user has huge numbers of friends

  • Display only story & link options on story dashboard

  • Double comments getting the post when user post comments on picture or story

  • Need to refresh album page 2-3 times to see albums images

  • Display incorrect count of images in the album

  • Like button getting disappeared on IOS build when the user like any post for videos

  • photo list should display photos in descending order

  • Blog image is not getting displayed on the newsfeed for EasySocial

  • Audio HTML are not shown in full length for Newsfeed

  • Unable to select event end time

  • Takes too much time to upload all pictures


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