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EasySocial App 5.5.1 released with improvements to the chat functionality


We are happy to release EasySocial App 5.5.1 with improvements to the chat functionality. Users can now send multiple messages continuously along with smooth scrolling while chatting. We have also fixed quite a few bugs in this release and made this release compatible with EasySocial 2.2.3.

Do let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section!

You can download the free versions of the app from the play store and app store respectively.


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Read on for the detailed changelog


  • The keyboard should auto-open while searching in the Friends/event/group page

  • Chat should display the latest message

  • Images should be downloadable for iOS

  • If admin disables video upload functionality from the backend, video upload functionality is still shown

  • Uploaded videos and Captured images are displayed too large on the list view

  • Displays there are no activities on pages newsfeed even if activities are available

  • Not able to send messages for chat

  • Comments are not displayed when clicked on the notification.

  • Displays liked page even if the user has already unliked that page

  • No need to have double fields for video category while uploading video

  • Comment view looping issue while clicking on the notification for iOS

  • Chat view looping issue while clicking on the notification for iOS

  • Textarea doesn't clear after sending the message when redirecting from the deep linking

  • Delay in message sending when redirecting from deep linking.

  • User unable to post the status on page stream 

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EasySocial App 5.5 is here!