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The EasySocial App. The Story so far and the road ahead...

Developing mobile apps comes with its own set of challenges. One of the key ones especially when developing apps with a CMS backend is managing the flexibility and in terms of features and configuration that CMS users come to get used to over the years.

Web services are the next key component of the App stack. These are super critical and developing these accurately keeping in mind the impact of all minute extension level configurations needs the team to have in depth knowledge of the extension in question. With a back end extension like EasySocial there are even more variables to this equation like User privacy and preferences.

Delivering updates to customers in the form of customized builds is the next challenge. While we provide source code on demand to subscribers of the core app code, most of our current customers are non developers and need support from us in compiling their builds every time we release a new update. To counter this we have achieved a decent level of automation which allows us to generate customer builds much faster now. However the goal for us on this is to develop an interface that allows customers to do basic customization and generate builds on their own. 

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EasySocial 2.0 Compatibility news

With the latest update from Stackideas on the release of EasySocial 2.0 Beta 1, the lines have been blazing with Subscribers asking about the compatibility of the app with EasySocial 2.0.

Well, I'm happy to announce that the development of the 5.3.1 Beta version of the EasySocial App along with respective APIs with changes needed to work in ES 2.0 are very much on track. As of now our testers have not reported any Major issues with the Beta app they have been testing. We should be able to launch the ES App 5.3.1 & API package 1.8.7 very quickly after Stackideas releases the stable version of ES 2.0.

Note that this will purely be a compatibility release and is not likely to add any new features. Continue reading for related updates.

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JUnite Update : Where are we going with JUnite from here ?

JUnite started as a Meta package for bundling all our Joomla related applications into one test package. At the last update JUnite allowed you to test EasySocial, EasyBlog and JGive.

Of these JGive was an alpha release with only campaign browsing features. As of now the development of the jGive App in its current form (as an app for donors/front end users) has been halted. We will however definitely consider continuing it in the future if there is enough demand. An app for campaign owners is however under consideration as of now. If this is of interest for you, do post in the comments section. 

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Easysocial App 5.3 is here!

We are announcing the release of our Easysocial App version 5.3. In this release we have brought support to create polls, hide or delete stream items along with the registration form which supports profile types. Besides these features, we have shipped quite a few bug fixes.

We request existing customers with an active subscription to contact us to get updates for their builds. If you are not onboard yet, you can try the free versions of the app for IOS and Android.


Want to go mobile with your EasySocial site ? Order a custom build today !

For complete details of the features and bug fixes, please read on.

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Jticketing Event Manager App v3.2 is here!

Wohoo! We are super excited to announce the release of JTicketing Event Manager App v3.2 today. This release brings a fresh new UI to the app and is a complete rewrite based on our Unite Framework based on Ionic 2.

Besides the new UI, we have also brought a new Sales view as well as a host of bug fixes. Read on to see the complete details.

The JTicketing App is available in 2 flavours on the AppStore & Playstore.

JTicketing Event Manager Free

Only Search. No Support for QR Code Scanning

Get it on Google Play Download JTicketing Pro on App Store

JTicketing Event Manager Pro

Full featured including QR Code Scanning to check in users !

Get it on Google Play Download JTicketing Pro on App Store

Love the app and want one of your own? Get it customised now !

Read on to know the further details and the complete changelog.

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Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!

We are happy to bring you a early beta release of EasySocial App 5.3. With this beta you will be able to test the new Polls feature and also get the facility to hide or delete items from your stream. We have also introduced a small in app browser based registration form that supports profile types in this release.

There have been considerable bug fixes and improvements in managing videos, App notifications now obey user configuration. Also the app now obeys the Name vs Username display as set in the EasySocial configuration. Besides this we have done literally a ton of bug fixes and a few more will come as the app moves from Beta to Stable.

One more change we are making from the original roadmap, we are for now not going to add the display of the blocked list in the app as customer feedback has shown that its not a feature people will use in the app.

We invite you to test this version and give us your feedback. The Beta is free to download. You can download them at the links below:

Download for Android Download for IOS

Make sure you're using the latest api to make this version work. Note: Since this is a Beta app, we do not recommend it to use it with your live site!  For those who are interested in reading the full change log, please click on Continue Reading for the same.

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Know whats coming in EasySocial App 5.3!

Quite sometime now since the last EasySocial App release. We have been refactoring a lot of the portions of our app, to eliminate some technical limitations that we were facing. Also, now we have an automated script with which we will be able to deliver Custom apps faster.

What all is lined up for 5.3?

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Roadmap for JTicketing Pro App 3.2!

All the JTicketing subscribers out there, we’re announcing some new features in the upcoming version of the JTicketing Event manager’s Android and iOS App. In case you have missed the last major release, you can check it out here.

What’s coming?

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EasySocial App 5.2 is here!

We’re really pleased and excited to announce the EasySocial App 5.2 release. Just in case you’re new to the EasySocial App you might want to check out what was the last major release like.

What’s new?

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EasySocial App 5.2 Beta!

The stable release of this version is delayed due to some unexpected issues that occurred while development. However, we’re making sure that we do not make a stable release till our QA team approves it. AppCarvers is learning from its mistakes, we want to make sure that the app has minimum possible issues reducing further support and creating happy subscribers. We’ve have got you a Beta though.

What’s new?

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EasySocial App 5.2 release delayed

Our QA team is keeping no stone unturned and making sure that they can put all the possible issues which were not reported earlier. The development team is working on getting those fixes done. However, we have encountered some unexpected issues that we need to solve on priority and we won't release the app with those issues in there. We will be releasing Beta on 28th March. 

What are those issues?

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Apple App Store submission request rejected?

While developing a Social Network App and adding new features in it we came across some areas which needs to be taken special care of especially for the security of the App. While submitting this app to Apple App store we got to know that Apple keeps certain areas under microscope like, the app which allows user to generate the content and share it into the application should follow some specific guidelines and stuff.

While submitting some custom builds for our clients on the Apple App Store we have experienced  that the apps are getting rejected.

What can be the reasons?

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Common installer package 1.8.2 released!

There were some issues that were reported by our QA in the API and were needed to be resolved on priority. Apart from those fixes we have introduced some new features.

What’s new?

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EasySocial App getting a Makeover!

Sincere Apologies people! We have been on a backfoot in terms of communicating with you all regarding the latest updates of the EasySocial App. However, that does not mean that we were on backfoot in terms of development.

While work has been ON for fixing issues reported by our subscribers and our internal QA team,  another major change has been happening in the background.

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