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Upgrade to a fantastic new User experience with EasySocial App 5.4 !


The EasySocial App 5.4 release marks a huge milestone in the development of this product. This version is a complete rewrite of the code and uses the nice new UI that we spoke about some months back. The app is now based on the Unite Framework and brings some fantastic performance improvements. Using Unite also means that we can make improvements faster.

Try the free version on your site today. This version is full featured and comes with AppCarvers branding. Make sure you read the documentation for setting up the APIs to ensure you can make the app work with your site. You can also try using the demo credentials that the app is packaged with.

Get it on Google Play Get it on iTunes 

Get a custom build with your own branding

Love the EasySocial app and want one for your own website ? We offer customized builds as a service that lets you brand the app with your own colours and logo. Learn more about Easysocial App.

Prices Slashed !

With this release, we are also slashing the price of the custom app subscription to US$ 299. This applies to all new subscriptions. Renewals get an additional 20% discount.

Now that we have got those announcements done, I’m sure you can’t wait to look at the improvements and more screenshots. For those wanting details, a changelog is also given Read on to see what’s inside !

 *EasyBundle Subscribers and Subscribers using one site as the base for multiple AppCarvers apps, please make sure you read the complete blog for upgrade instructions.

Key Improvements

  1. Greatly improved conversations UI, making it easy and fun to have a chat with your friends

  2. A simplified discussions and commenting UI making it easier for your users to engage

  3. Social Login - Facebook and Google

  4. Refreshed header sections for Group, Event and Profile pages with quick action buttons to key features like Join Group, RSVP to Event, Send message to User

  5. The post sharing option now supports adding polls into the newsfeed

Screenshots of EasySocial App 5.4 

A glimpse at some of the major design changes that are a part of this release.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading APIs

Note that EasySocial App 5.4 needs you to use com_api version 2.2 & compatible plugins. The common installer package has been updated to support this. Note that you should not upgrade the APIs if you have a single site as the backend for other apps using com_api other than EasySocial. As of now ‘The Blog App’ and the jTicketing Event Manager app are not compatible with the new com_api. In this case, please wait till next week for new versions of these apps to come out before you upgrade.

Using AC Builder to request a new Build

The application is now compatible with AC Builder allowing you to edit basic app configuration and styling on your own, speeding up the build process. Read the documentation here on how you can request a new build. Existing subscribers can do this right away !

Updating EasyBundle

Note that we are updating the EasyBundle build to support the new designs and integration between the Blog and EasySocial apps. We will issue an update on this release soon post which EasyBundle subscribers can request updates for the same.


EasySocial App 5.4.1 is here!
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