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EasySocial App alpha 4 is here!

EasySocial App alpha 4 is here!

We are happy to release an update for the EasySocial App, EasySocial app alpha 4 update. While we have a feature freeze now on the app and we had hoped to release the app by now, we have seen some usability issues that we had not realised earlier that we are fixing before we do a final release.

While we do our own internal testing, we would love it if you can help test and give your feedback as well. The alpha comes preconfigured with demo access. So do test and report any issues you find ! As of now we plan to release in the last week of July.

The EasySocial app Alpha 4 is available to download on the play store and app store. Continue reading for the detailed changelog.




  • App getting stuck if user uses poll

  • User can delete others post from their timeline

  • Undefined text displayed if user click on back from profile -> photo

  • Unable to upload images in album - Need to page refresh

  • Instant messaging not working

  • Delete chat- entry doesn’t get removed until user forcefully refresh the page

  • Register- After register blank newsfeeds

  • Comment count is not getting updated in newsfeed

  • Newsfeed shows undefined

  • Newsfeed getting blank if user click on back from friend's friend list, same for event

  • Friends: Friends name get removed from list view if user adds him as friend

  • Landscape view - unable to open sidebar menus in small mobile (moto)

  • Chat: Unable to check chat history

  • Profile - Avatar image is not being saved

  • Deleted post removed from other's timeline as well

  • Event filter shows wrong values if user applies the event category

  • Unable to unfollow the user

  • Cancel friend request button missing from friend's -> friend list

  • Back to home/newsfeed button needed in app.

  • Friends -> Slides the friends list view leads to white screen

  • Group Details - All groups are displayed at a time

  • Side menu - The icon gets stuck in iOS

  • Stream - If I allow the Hide/Delete stream functionality from backend, it does not reflect in the app

  • New user: friends suggestion doesn’t seems to be working

  • Group - The 'discussion' shows ellipses on smaller devices

  • Videos - The setting icon inside the Fab button is not properly aligned on larger devices


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