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EasySocial App 5.2 release delayed

EasySocial App 5.2 release delayed

Our QA team is keeping no stone unturned and making sure that they can put all the possible issues which were not reported earlier. The development team is working on getting those fixes done. However, we have encountered some unexpected issues that we need to solve on priority and we won't release the app with those issues in there. We will be releasing Beta on 28th March. 

What are those issues?


Here is the list of some of those issues:

  • Facebook login doesn't work if you login with a registered mobile number
  • Wrong count is displayed sometimes in "All friends"
  • Attending/not attending/may be option is not getting displayed for recurring open event
  • In groups, if a user joins a closed group the he immediately becomes a member
  • No badges are given to user who has logged in using Facebook
  • In newsfeed it shows that admin has changed avatar if an avatar is set after creating a new event.
  • Blank screen is displayed for sometime when any other app is opened and comeback.

Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to add comments if you have an questions.

Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!
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