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Announcing Early Adopter subscriptions!

Announcing Early Adopter subscriptions!

We have been getting inputs from you all regarding the jUnite App and many more things. Depending on those inputs we have taken some progressive decisions like:

 Launching a forum

At some point we all agree that there is a communication gap between we as a service provider and you as a subscriber, with this forum we’ll be able to reduce this to a great extent by accepting feature requests and some engaging discussions regarding the roadmaps / progression can happen. There’s already a few feature requests for Easysocial and The Blog App. Head over and add your own or vote for your favourites - Visit the appcarvers forum

Introducing EasyBundle!

We got a lot of feedback to introduce a slimmer version of jUnite. So here you go - We are introducing EasyBundle, which will include only the EasySocial and The Blog App with 6 month subscription. Since the Easysocial app still has some rough edges, we will offer EasyBundle and now jUnite and the standalone Easysocial app on Early Adopter subscriptions

Note: Existing subscribers will have their subscription period extended accordingly

EasyBundle + 6months code access and support costs $569.

Who is an Early Adopter?

Early Adopters are the ones who buy EasyBundle, EasySocial, jUnite Beta!

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • Help steer the product by introducing useful features and trimming unnecessary ones

  • Be one of the first few to have an app for your Easysocial powered network

  • You get a chance to experience the product, support and help us make the stable release

  • Your subscription date will start once the stable release is out

  • Early adopters get 1 year of support subscription instead of 6 months

How stable and bug free is the Easysocial app ?

Once the bugs in the stability matirx are reduced to zero (after adding features which you guys want in the stable release) we will be ready to make a stable release.

Current stability matrix


We need more EarlyAdopters to speed up the development, accept maximum features requests and get the stable release out. We will be announcing the version 4 road map soon!

Guys what are you waiting for Be an EarlyAdopter Now!


Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!
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