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Let's see what is planned for EasySocial and The Blog app v4?

Let's see what is planned for EasySocial and The Blog app v4?

EasySocial smartphone app and The Blog App will be getting some amazing features added in the upcoming version. Which includes gmail, facebook login and more!

 List of features:

EasySocial App Features 

  • Social Login

    • Login With gmail and facebook

  • Photo Albums

    • Views photos from albums

    • Create album

    • Delete album

  • Stream Improvements

    • Display Notifications for

      • Friend Request

      • New message

      • Stream activities on share posts

  • Mentions and Hashtags support for stream

  • Share Posts from news stream

  • Friends improvement

    • Bug fixes

      • Allow user to accept friend request.

    • Friends filters

      • All Friends

      • Pending approval

      • Sent invitations

Group Improvements

  • Bug Fix

    • Allow user to join the group

The Blog App Features

  • Show featured blogs

  • UI Improvements on blog view

    • Allows user to switch between card view & list view

  • New Blog

    • Delete Blog

  • Subscribe blog categories / Blog

    • Get push notification if new blog or comment get added.

 Your ideas and suggestions are precious to us. Feel free to express them in the comments!

Note: All bundles (jUnite, EasyBundle) that include these two applications will be getting these updates.


Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!
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