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jUnite Weekly 5.3 out with bug fixes!

jUnite Weekly 5.3 out with bug fixes!

We’re here with a lot of bug fixes in this version. Heading towards stability. Soon we will start adding new features in the list :)

List of bugs fixed!

  • If any of the users unfriend someone, all the friends are getting deleted from others account

  • The user who has sent request can approve the same request

  • Like is getting set even after throwing error "Post not liked"

  • When we create a new event, an album is created by default

  • Date format in events is not proper

  • Search in invites is not showing users details and also it is not clickable

  • After entering all details for creating event, the error comes saying 'End time must be later than start time'

  • In events, the share button is not working

  • While loading Events description page, the option comes for Attend this event even if the event is already has been attended

  • In create event, when we change the location in map, the changed location is not getting set in location text field

  • When we press android back button on event's album, it navigates to View Profile

  • When we enter recipients name and then press cancel button, the recipient field should be cleared

  • The successful message displayed is different if all details are not entered

  • When we press android back button for multiple times, alert message should be displayed only once

  • Ellipses not added

  • Checkbox toggle is not working in IOS

  • Load More button is getting displayed after loading all users on Leaderboard

  • Client-side validation not provided

  • Year field should accept only four digits

jUnite Weekly 5.3.1 is out!
jUnite weekly 5.2 is out!