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EasySocial App 5.4.3 is here with pages implementation, improved ACL and more


We are happy to release EasySocial App 5.4.3 with a couple of brand new features like pages, ACL implementation along with couple of bug fixes and UI improvements. On many of our earlier blogs, we had received a lot of feedback for the pages feature to be added to the EasySocial App. We have also taken into consideration some feedback for albums where the redirection will take place to the profile page after the photos are uploaded in the album.

We are pretty sure you will be happy to try out the new features. Do let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section!

You can download the free versions of the app from play store and app store respectively.


Like it and want one of your own ? You can Order a custom build today !   

Read on for the features, screenshots and detailed changelog

ACL configuration

Easy to handle ACL configuration in app through api and access rules can be defined for conversations,  groups, albums, photos , post story, stream(hide/delete), events, polls, etc through the ACL configuration.


API enables user to get a list of pages with filters along with like/unlike page, view discussion, view albums and you can see more details about the page


  • In landscape mode, all share option should be in one line for newsfeed

  • In landscape mode, need UI/UX improvements for messages for chat

  • In landscape mode video title is not visible properly for videos

  • Sometimes display double entry of events in all events tab

  • Display " event not found message" event if event is present in featured tab

  • Need UI for add album button in photos tab

  • In request tab friend name is get over lapped on cancel button.

  • Photo comment: change the font size for text

  • Unable to hide the post from timeline

  • Unable to post photos

  • Need UX improvements for progress bar

  • Unable to report to event and group

  • When user share event through gmail, Event URL contain component name

  • For registration page, Not able to see label of the text field while focused

  • Shows message when user trying to search an event

  • Video uploaded from site do not play in the app.

  • In photos list, should be display list of public albums

  • When user share event,"Index.php" file is send instead of event details

  • Display language constant on discussion tab

  • For chat, Unable to see user name when user adds another user to the conversation

  • Not able to see label of the text field while focused for registration page

  • If admin unfeatured any page from backend then in app, language constant is displayed on featured tab


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