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  4. Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Starting this thread to identify potential navigation improvements based on the feedback in this thread
The purpose of this thread is to produce an actionable list of navigation improvements that can be taken up in a release.

Some straightforward changes
- Add a "members" menu in the drawer navigation that links to the users list
- The photos link in the navigation should take the user to a list of his albums instead of a newsfeed filter

Other improvements that need a little more thought
- Modify the bottom menu to have the same links/icons as the Easysocial header bar (see attachment). So the app footer nav will have search, friends, conversations and newsfeed - in that order. The app does not have a view for notifications. So till that gets added, the newsfeed link will show up. The friends and conversations will have the count like in the web. A side thought here is that when users have both - easysocial and easyblog, would we have enough space for a blog link in the footer.

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