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  3. Monday, 16 May 2016
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You know grow, but you do not know definitely take care of your customers.
It's been a month since we have no news from the developer of your mobile applications.
You are losing all the trust of your customers and future customers. It is time to react !!

Get inspired by Stackideas an excellent model to follow.

For TechJoomla, you communicate a little more, that's fine.
But on Twitter, this is an automated system that manages that. And it very annoying to see again and again the same tweets. So it is not information, but advertising.

Moreover, for TechJoomla you are overwhelmed by all your extensions.
You have too many extensions. Accordingly updates are extremely slow. It's unbearable.
You were too ambitious. You're too diverse. Better have 3 extensions done well and that can effectively improve for not losing patience of its customers.

Besides, I am not yet a customer at home. And the longer it goes, the less I decided to become one. I sincerely hope that Stackideas will offer a native application for its EasySocial, EasyDiscuss and EasyBlog. Because I know that with them it will be great. Their support is perfect!

Now your only chance will be with the Ionic framework, JUnite will greatly improve. Because right now, mobile application is very disappointing. The interface is sloppy.

Finally. On this forum it is written, "The Forums are for support provided by the community only. Developers do not AppCarvers Regularly check them.".
It represents you completely.
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Hello @6nema,

Thanks for your input and honest feedback. We are in fact very much inspired by Stackideas as well as the top developers in the Joomla space.. I know we have had issues with release speed but as we have explained on the Stackideas forums, with Mobile apps, the development cycle is a bit longer since there are multiple dependencies to manage.

I'll try and quickly give a background. We need to first ensure all the needed functions of the Web apps to be built are made available as APIs. These need extensive testing and we need to ensure the API output gets modified as per the settings you make for the app on the web back end. Basically the API development is a decently largish effort. We develop this on top of native Stackideas APIs to ensure this effort is in sync with the web development as far as possible. Next the application function layer,logic and UI needs to be developed on top of the APIs and packaged as an application.

EasySocial is a decently large application and has been in development for a while now. We have been developing this app for lesser time and have quite a few features to catch up to. Practically speaking our development cycle will always be a little behind that of Stackideas since we are basically following their development cycle. Granted we are quite a bit behind right now however the time spent so far has been well invested with a strong infrastructure and gradually improving development cycles both in terms of development speed and quality.

On the development and communication side, we are trying to be regular with updates every month or so.

On Techjoomla for twitter we follow a content strategy that aims to help our followers and covers news,blogs and tutorials about Joomla as well as tips and tricks about our product. Repetition is done to ensure we reach most of our audience since twitter is a 'realtime' network so some repetition is required to ensure we reach our users.

On releases at Techjoomla, we have over time consolidated our Product portfolio to focus on our Primary products with secondary products playing a supporting role across primary products. If you have seen our strategy in detail its heavily inspired by what we call the OpenSource spirit . This means we have a large amount of code sharing across our products allowing us to align our releases with each other to give the best value to our subscribers. If you look at our Blog you will see we are updating our extensions pretty regularly. May has already seen 2 releases.

On the Support side, we have always provided primary support via tickets and Forums have been provided for community based support. However we are considering unifying the system to have only one media to ensure they get our attention.

We are striving to get better. Please watch for new updates on our Blog. We have some super updates coming up around the Unite framework that extends Ionic. If you are interested you can look at some early previews on our GitHub
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API is broken on our site, no amount of support seemed to assist with it and we've given up.. preying that stackideas will create their own app for easysocial. I'd say right now the only thing holding easysocial back is their lack of a working app...
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Thank you Pranav for your detailed reply and your transparency.

I will probably not measure the complexity of your task.
I remain optimistic. I trust you.

For your communication. I noticed that you posted something on Twitter Appcarvers :)

Yes, please use the forum (EasyDiscuss) for the private and public support.
In truth what you need : it's life on your site, the forum must be his heart.

Thank you.
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