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  1. Mootje Grimm
  2. Easysocial App
  3. Saturday, 10 October 2015

Hey there,

I just subscribed and I am shocked about reading that registration is not possible with the app. How can you sell a social network app without registration? I need to say that I am a bit upset because I did not think about asking such basic things before buying. It feels like I need to ask if I get keys for a car before I buy it?!

At this point I bought the app because my webview app had problems with registration. Now buying an app that does not even offer registration for a social network makes no sense in my eyes. So I see only two possibilities at this moment, money back or guarantee a working registration within 3 to max 4 weeks.

I apologize for me sounding upset but you need to understand this. I paid hundreds of dollar for a social network without registration?!

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