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  1. Wessel
  2. EasyBundle
  3. Tuesday, 06 October 2015
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I purchased the customized Easybundle and am looking at the form "Application Assets Requirement Form".
Could you provide a screenshot with arrows pointing what items will be changing in color if you change the colors for:

1. Nav bar color
2. Primary Buttons Color
3. Secondary Buttons Color
4. Links Color

If I look at your demo app it is not clear what you call secondary buttons and primary buttons,
and are links only links or also the clickable icons?

thanks and regards,
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Well, I think it is good for you if you purchased the bundle because you can learn many through that bundle. They also asked me to purchase the bundle but I have no knowledge about the application development. I am wondering if you teach me application developing.
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great. idate/
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