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  1. Philipp
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  3. Friday, 07 December 2018
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before buying the EasySocial App I´ve got 3 Questions i would like to get answered.

First of i would like to know in what aspects I can configure the App with access to the code, for example adding more than one language option into the app or to change the layout and design afterwards.

Secondly I would like to know if I can still have access to the code after the 6 month are over or will I have to buy it over and over?

Thirdly i want to know if I HAVE TO send you assets so you can create a customised build. Or if I can add them myself and create the build?
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I have paid the subscription since Sep 2018, but till now the App has many functions gap to the Easysocial web version.
That is why I am asking for customization.

Be frank, their feedback on those Tickets are slow and the communication is not very effective and dis-link sometimes though English is a formal language in India.
For this past 3 months, I have been kept on asking questions, but only ONE build on Android is available.
For iOS, even I have invited them as admin to App Store, they tell no invitation email is received.

Hope this help.
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They finally extended my subscription and provide a Skype account for efficient communication such that I could have a merely 90% compromised build to submit for both iOS and Android.
And I haven't continued my subscription after expiry.

Hope this information helps.
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