Customised Blog App + 6 months code access

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The Blog App is a popular Joomla blogging tool. Try the free versions of the app from the Android Playstore or Apple App Store. If you like what you see, order a customisation.

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Blogging transformed digital publishing in the last decade. Smartphones made it even easier to publish and consume blogging content. The Blog App brings an intuitive mobile experience to Joomla based websites. The Blog app is built to work with any Blogging platform with supported webservices. EasyBlog, undisputedly the most popular blogging tool for blogging in Joomla is the officially supported Joomla Blogging platform for the Blog App. If you have EasyBlog on your website, this is one application your readers will want to have on their devices. 

The Pro version also supports publishing Blogs on the go which means even you as a site administrator will love it. 

The EasyBlog App has a free as well as paid version available on Play Store and Apple App store. However, if you want to customise this app to your brand by adding your logo and a nice theme, you can consider ordering a customisation.

  Note that the Apps need our REST API package to be installed on your site and plugins enabled to work. Please make sure you follow our documentation to set it up

What does the App do?

The AppCarvers branded Blog app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in two versions. Basic and Pro. The above links will let you download the Basic version for free. Pro version links are at the bottom of the page. When you order a customisation, all features of the Pro version are included in your builds. 

Basic Features

Browse Blogs

The app supports browsing the various blogs via various means. The app menu features menus to let you check the Latest Blogs, Featured Blogs, Blogs by Author/Blogger, Blogs by Categories, Blogs by Tags

Search Blogs

With large websites, you will have a lot of content. Browsing isnt the best way in this case to find the stuff you need. The app features a quick search option placed intuitively at the top of the screen to let you find what you want. 

Read blogs

Full blogs can be read in a nice disturb free view. You can also Zoom in on Photos in the Blog. 


One of the best things you can do via a mobile device is the fast and easy sharing of content in the app using a variety of sharing options. 

Pro Features


Fast and easy way to read and write comments on blogs on the go. This feature is available in the pro app only. 

Compose Blogs

Blogging on the go can offer a distinct advantage and you can get things done even from your mobile device. The app blog composer features a simple editor, ability to add images from your camera or gallery and a slew of publishing options. 

Get the Pro Version Now !

Get it on Google Play

The IOS version is in the Publishing Queue and should be live soon on Itunes !

What does custom branding include ?

  1. Custom App Icon*
  2. Custom Splash Screen*
  3. In built site url . No need for users to enter. They just enter their login details
  4. Custom colour scheme (we recommend using your website's colour scheme for best results)
  5. Help with publishing the app on Itunes and the Google Playstore with your custom content on your own account.
  6. Access to app source code and updates as long as your subscription is active

Upon completing your purchase you will be mailed a link to a form that asks for all the customisation related information. Once you complete the form, our friendly team will get back to you with an estimated timeframe for launch.

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