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EasySocial App getting a Makeover!

EasySocial App getting a Makeover!

Sincere Apologies people! We have been on a backfoot in terms of communicating with you all regarding the latest updates of the EasySocial App. However, that does not mean that we were on backfoot in terms of development.

While work has been ON for fixing issues reported by our subscribers and our internal QA team,  another major change has been happening in the background.


A decision has been taken to start migrating the app code base to IONIC framework. Though this has taken up a major portion of the team’s time and slowed the development of new features in the short term, this will give us major advantages in the long term.

Currently, we’re migrating the entire setup from the current framework to IONIC, also the QA and bug fixing is going on in parallel to that. This migration is going to do wonders for our EasySocial App. As someone has rightly said,

“Good things take time to happen, strong foundations are not built in a day”

We’re surely taking time. But we’re working on creating a strong foundation to make the app Bug free with a streamlined development and support process.

What all is new?

Framework being refactored to reduce the bugs


  • Mobile application code updation from Angular js 1.2 to 1.4 development supported framework

  • Decoupling of the code (Extension specific code, Code separation)

  • Updated to the latest Cordova version

    • The Apache Cordova have enhanced the security level in their versions > 4.0.0. We have updated our all the customized builds toward the latest cordova version.This prevents the apps to get rejects due to older cordova version.

  • We have now introduced language constants are introduced which will reduce the translation issues

  • Some responses are received from the server side, in order to handle them effectively and user should be able to see it in his local language we have added language support to api plugins.

Optimized the build process time

We are working on  automating the build process using a CLI script. This is currently in progress. Once ready it will greatly reduce the  the time needed in delivering customized builds to you. It also paves the way for making and customizing builds in a self service manner in the near future. This is just the start !

Support time efficiency

We have had issues with the amount of time needed to get your support queries answered in time. We have added more people on the team to ensure we improve on this.

Setting up Push Notifications for Android and iOS now easy as pie!

Introduced new GCM settings and separate documentation for the same, making it further simpler for your to setup Push notifications for your site and set it rolling.

Guys, a lot more is lined up! Thank you for showing faith in us and standing with us while we move towards progress.

What features are lined up for v5.2?

  • Social Media Login

    • Allow user to get login using the Facebook account

  • Video Support

    • Allow user to upload the video

    • Preview the video link on news stream

  • Bug Fixes

Note: This release will not be IONIC, we will do another Blog post about when we will be rolling out IONIC.

When Can we expect a release?

22nd March it is!

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Easysocial App 5.3 Beta 1 is Here!
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