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jUnite Weekly 5.5 is here!

jUnite Weekly 5.5 is here!

With jUnite weekly 5.5 we’re getting you lots of bug fixes and a very important announcement.

Weekly shifting to Bi-Weekly


We’ve been releasing freshly baked code in terms of weekly. After the feature freeze we’re almost there in making the app stable with the QA rounds that we have been doing. We might soon start adding new features in the app, getting you those as well in terms of Bi-Weekly. So, this is the last weekly.

Bugs fixed!

  • Invite option is not provided for Events

  • Event type is not working when we create event

  • User is able to Approve request which was sent by him to another user

  • The groups which are not approved yet should not be shown in search

  • Events status for attending/not attending is not getting replicated in the app

  • Owner of the event is getting Request to Attend status and attendee shown is 1

  • If user has set some seat limit, it is not displayed in events information

  • Reject and Member buttons are not working in Group member list

  • All friends are not getting listed

  • Invite only groups are getting listed in search list

  • Any user can join 'Invited Only' group

  • Event is showing -2 attendees on list view but 1 attendee on Event information page

  • Invite Only event should not be displayed in 'All' list

  • When we reload on a Group page, two newsfeed and discussions, and also option to join group, even if i have already joined it are displayed

  • Website URL on login screen not forcing lowercase

Known issues 

  • Splash screen displays for too long

  • Whenever a new group is created, app is redirecting to that group without admin approval

  • After being invited to the group, the user does not get added to the group

  • ‘Request to Attend' functionality is not working

  • For some events, attending/Not attending option is not provided

  • If app is minimized on Groups and then re-started, the app is redirecting to Me and Friend

  • In search, if 'A' is entered and searched, it displays all names

  • While registering, if we enter all the details except birthdate then the app takes current date

  • Seat limit does not change even after people are attending event

  • On comments page, scroll is not provided for samsung tab

  • Link tab on Share what's new is not working

  • The first message sent is showed in inverted commas (i.e. "Hello")

  • While loading attendees list on Event page, app shows attendees of previously viewed event

  • If the message is long, the word gets split into two in small device on Conversations

  • While loading more groups, groups are getting repeated

  • If the user has clicked 'View Event', then again on the description page, the ''View Event'' option is displayed

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