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Launching jUnite Weekly!

Launching jUnite Weekly!

In the process of improving AppCarvers strategies and planning, we have noticed that to an extent we’ve been inconsistent in some cases when it comes to providing you timely releases.

Well, you guys know that a lot of stuff goes into this after development. Verification then testing, fixing the bugs after that retesting it and then releasing. The process is very time time consuming and lengthy. Now, number of bugs and the time needed to fix them can be uncertain for every release. To solve this issue of inconsistent release cycle we’ve come up with a solution.

Introducing jUnite Weekly:

There is constant development going on introducing new features, integrations, experimenting on new technologies on the AppCarvers Laboratories. So we’ve thought of getting you guys involved in this process and apart from our testers we want you guys to do testing as well so that we can get you more stable releases.

As I said the development is continuously going on, so we will be releasing a build every week which will be having all those thing which we’ve worked on in that particular week. This build need not be stable. These will be Beta release available for testing and once the bugs are fixed we will be doing a stable release for the next major version.

We will be releasing v4 stable by the end of this month!

Note: Currently jUnite weekly will be released only on Google Play Store (iTunes takes long time for approval). 2 separate apps will be maintained one for jUnite regular build and one for jUnite Weekly

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