Events 360

We develop a perfect smartphone app for your events. It may be a concert or a conference, detailed information from the performer to the speaker and the schedule of the event is given. If you want to add ticketing to those events that can be done too.! Here are some of the Event 360 apps.

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    What does custom branding include ?

    1. Custom App Icon*
    2. Custom Splash Screen*
    3. In built site url . No need for users to enter. They just enter their login details
    4. Custom colour scheme (we recommend using your website's colour scheme for best results)
    5. Help with publishing the app on Itunes and the Google Playstore with your custom content on your own account.
    6. Access to app source code and updates as long as your subscription is active
    All Graphic Assets & text content need to be provided by you


    Need Custom Development ?

    Need a specific feature added to the app or want to accelerate one in the roadmap by sponsoring it ? Or have a completely new App idea you need help with ?

    Write to us