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Version 4 for EasySocial App and The Blog App is out!

As promised, we're getting out some coll new features for EasySocial App and The Blog App.

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Celebrate Independence Day with AppCarvers!

Independence day is observed in India on 15th August. Exactly 69 years ago India got Independence from the British rule and was declared as a free country. In India it is a national holiday and is celebrated all over the country.

“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!- Romain Rolland

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JTicketing Pro 3.0 is here with ticket scanning and more!

JTicketing! A premium event ticketing system for Joomla! has a fantastic smartphone app for Android and iOS. This App makes it super simple to manage ticketing on your smartphone.

 Hereby announcing version 3.0 of this app we’re introducing some very user friendly features which will blow you away!

What do we have in here?

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Launching jUnite Weekly!

In the process of improving AppCarvers strategies and planning, we have noticed that to an extent we’ve been inconsistent in some cases when it comes to providing you timely releases.

Well, you guys know that a lot of stuff goes into this after development. Verification then testing, fixing the bugs after that retesting it and then releasing. The process is very time time consuming and lengthy. Now, number of bugs and the time needed to fix them can be uncertain for every release. To solve this issue of inconsistent release cycle we’ve come up with a solution.

Introducing jUnite Weekly:

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How to configure facebook with Cordova Android & iOS App

Facebook login has become crucial for all the sites. Keeping the user perspective in mind, it saves a lot of energy and time of the user to fill those lengthy forms for new account creation and just by login in using the Facebook account, a new user account can be created.

For the site manager it becomes very easy to fetch all the user data which is readily available on the user’s facebook account. So, this becomes a win-win situation for both the parties.

Now implementing this Facebook login for Android and iOS app  is bit of a challenge for the developers. We were also facing the same issue. Thought of blogging about it to help my fellow developers overcome this challenge.

How do we do it?

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JTicketing Pro App Road Map for v3

Hold your breath guys, JTicketing (An event ticketing system for Joomla!) pro app v3 is going to get some super exciting features. This is going to help users and the event owners to a great extent. What do we have in line?   Improved Performanc...

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Let's see what is planned for EasySocial and The Blog app v4?

EasySocial smartphone app and The Blog App will be getting some amazing features added in the upcoming version. Which includes gmail, facebook login and more!

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Announcing Early Adopter subscriptions!

We have been getting inputs from you all regarding the jUnite App and many more things. Depending on those inputs we have taken some progressive decisions like:

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jUnite 3.0 is here!

It has been really long since the jUnite road map was published! Apologies for the delay in the release. However, we have made sure that the release is worth the wait.

Our developers are going that extra mile to make sure you get a rock solid stable and a user friendly jUnite 3.0 release.

What’s in the menu?

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jUnite v3.0 Release Update

Welcome to the AppCarvers site. We hope you like the new home for the Apps Team. We are happy to announce the release date 31st March 2015 for the jUnite v.3 app. In the version 3 we are introducing the various new exciting features. All the inputs g...

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EasyBlog now at your fingertips with “The Blog App”!

As promised, we’re extremely happy to announce the release of “The Blog App”. This app is set to work with Easyblog to give your readers a way to easily read the blogs on a smartphone. Now even more ways you can get your content to your readers!

The app is currently available on Android’s Play Store and will soon be available on iTunes as well. A lot more features are planned, but since we wanted to make a release very soon, this version is a preview to what is soon to come. The app right now allows your visitors to read blogs from your site. However I promise the next version will be feature packed and will definitely have the ability to write blogs. Social sharing is another feature we are planning for the next release.

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JTicketing Event Manager's App is here for Android & IOS. Download it for Free today !

Event Owners rejoice ! The  JTicketing Event Managers app for Android & IOS is here !!  Scan Tickets, Look up names on your guest lists and use multiple devices without worrying about the same ticket being used twice. The JTicketing Eve...

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EasySocial, Easyblog, JGive all in one with JUnite!

Hello Everyone,

We are super excited to announce the availability of jUnite which comes with lots & lots of awesome features. Yes, jUnite is here with Easysocial, Easyblog and JGive all in one. This is a cool new fusion of all these 3 apps in one. Write and read blogs, use your EasySocial profile and while doing the same you can also view your campaigns and monitor vital stats for donations!

Download the free app from the Android store now. We also managed to solve all our compliance issues with iTunes and it's now just waiting for the final approval from them! Great news :)

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Roadmap For jUnite v3.0

Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for all the suggestions you gave us in order to improve this app and keeping all those in mind we are ready with the jUnite roadmap for v3.0. You will soon be able to perform all your site functions through this app.

Following is the Roadmap for jUnite v3.0:

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Cordova Installation

Many people have a problem of setting up and installing cordova, just to make things easier thought of writing a blog about it.
So, before starting cross platform mobile application development using cordova, you should configure your machine. It is always hard to install and configure for the newbies. There are so many platforms available like Mac, Windows, Linux etc. This will help you to setup Cordova on Mac and Linux OS. 

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