jUnite weekly 4.5 out with User Registration and more!

jUnite Weekly is a weekly ‘nightly’ release that AppCarvers does to keep subscribers and users updated on the latest developments. These features are then tested and make it into stable builds. Read More here!

In the previous weekly we had made some improvements in the Push Notifications and Create campaigns view. This week, since there was a high demand for User Registration we’ve managed to tweak our development plan and are introducing it with basic fields!

Here is the link for the GCM Configurations And API setup for Push Notifications!

jUnite weekly 4.5 gets you 


  • Events  

  • Sign Up / User Registration with basic required fields

  • Leader Board

  • Points and Badges support

  • Bug Fixes

EventsUser Registration

Leader BoardEvent Details

What you can expect next week? 

  • The stable release of EasySocial  And jUnite

  • Upload video feature in share ES

  • Post release bug fixes

  • UI Improvements

Note: Make sure that you're using the latest EasySocial and our latest api for all features to work!

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