Google Login comes to EasySocial App in version 5.3.3!

While we work on the awesome new updates and designs we discussed in our earlier blog, the team has managed to squeeze in a new update in version 5.3.3  that introduces login with Google on Android !

In addition to this new feature, quite a few bugs have been fixed too !

Note - Please install EasySocial version 2.x on your site and latest API package 1.8.8 from AppCarvers to make this version work. Google login works only on Android.


  • If google is removed from the app, the Facebook should be center aligned

  • Login to easysocial :: login to the Facebook icon should be centre aligned.

  • iOS - Notification settings - Message is not being displayed if user turns ON or OFF the notification

  • Backend(Group) - If we create categories from backend, new categories are not listed in the app

  • Backend(Event) - If we create categories from backend, new categories are not listed in the app

  • Profile - Videos - When we click on Videos from profile, user should be redirected to 'My Videos'

  • Profile - Groups - When we click on Groups from profile, user should be redirected to 'My Groups'

  • Profile - Followers - Total followers are 11 but only 10 are being listed in the Follower's list

  • Comment - Like - Like is not working properly for comments

  • Videos - Video feature is not working

  • Group - Newsfeed - Group should be replaced with Community on the newsfeed

  • Group - When user wants to leave group, after giving confirmation, user gets Undefined error

  • Conversation list - newer message are displayed randomly in the list

  • Group - Discussion - Replies - Not able to paste text/URL

  • Share what's new - Share is almost in the middle

  • If internet is weak and the app is loading data, error message shown is 'An error occurred. Please check your URL'

  • Groups - If user is not admin of the group, then he should not get option for 'Hide stream'

  • Discussion - November and Wednesday is not translated in Italian

  • Profile - More Details - All details are not being displayed in the app when compared to the site

  • Conversation - On listview, chat time is not getting updated. App shows previous chat's time

  • Groups - Write on wall - Ellipses are not added if the name is long

  • When new user registers, he is not redirected to newsfeed after registering successfully

  • Uniformity in the app should be maintained for Names