We are happy to inform you that our Easysocial App is now compatible with Easysocial 3.1.6. Our app/application has been tested extensively with respect to API changes and code changes for Easysocial website. We have also fixed a few bugs in this release. 

Note: EasySocial App does not yet contain all the features that EasySocial extension does


Read on for the detailed changelog.


  • Like button symbol & likes are disappeared for the newsfeed
  • Shows previously logged activity on the newsfeed. Need to refresh each time to get the newsfeed which was logged after the login
  • [Poll]- Shows "Undefined" when the user creates poll & add options without filling the data
  • User able to vote multiple times on poll even if they don't have permission to vote for poll multiple times
  • Discussion & album tab is missing on pages when user clicks on page activity & redirects to page detail view for pages for newsfeed
  • [Poll]- User able to vote for undefined option of a poll
  • Shows incorrect "going" count on the event detail page
  • [Registration-Facebook]- Shows error "Something went wrong" when user clicks on the back button after registration through Facebook

  • Shows code on photo view

  • Shows "Something went wrong" error message when user upload video through the camera for iOS