EasySocial App 5.1 is here!

We’ve made a feature freeze, just to make sure that our development is mainly focused on making this app more stable. We’re getting you tons of bugs fixes, those were reported by our subscribers as well as our QA.

With this kind of QA the version of the app is steadily marching towards new heights of stability and soon we’re hoping that we will be adding some cool new features in the basket.

Have a look at the bugs fixed!


  • Unfriending someone leads to deletion of friends from the unfriended account

  • The user who has sent request can approve the same request

  • User is not able to like events

  • When we click on 'Go' button in albums, it opens the camera

  • Photo uploads from app in groups is not working

  • If non group member comment on group, push notification does not come

  • On Album, comment is not getting displayed

  • Push notification for reply to conversation is absent

  • Follow/Follower functionality is not working

  • Unable to see the friends profile ( profile pic ,Name )

  • Behavioral issue regarding shares

  • When you load more stream comments from app then app is showing wrong comments and count

  • The groups which are not approved yet should not be shown in search

  • When we add someone to the group who is not in the friendlist, the loader is coming which is not allowing further process

  • User is able to approve cancelled request if he does not refresh the application

  • Search in invites is not showing user's details and also it is not clickable

  • In events, the share button is not working

  • In create event, when we change the location in map, the changed location is not getting set in location text field

  • When we press android back button on event's album, it navigates to View Profile

  • when we press android back button for multiple times, it should be displayed only once

  • checkbox toggle is not working in IOS

  • Description should not be mandatory for creating album

  • In album,10 images are not getting uploaded

  • Gaps in between photos when we upload in Album

  • Two loaders are getting displayed in moto

  • Achievements of newly created users are not getting displayed in Newsfeed, View Profile and Leaderboard

  • User does not have authority to delete groups created by him

  • Event> New> Create Event> When we select Start/End Date and Time and select Yes for All Day, then the time field should not be displayed

  • In groups> New> Create Group> Website ----> accepting invalid website

  • Events> More option> Advance Filter> user should not be able to change past Event's attending status

  • Menu list option is not clickable

  • Registered data not available in profile

  • Notification problem after getting notification for "friend request accepted"

  • Notification does not redirect to group updates

  • unavailability of created groups in group categories.

  • Notification get displayed for own comment

  • Friend request notification is not getting displayed

  • When a group is created, it is not getting listed in "All groups"

  • In advance filters of events, when we click on calendar, automatically date gets selected and related events are displayed

  • Whenever a new group is created, app is redirecting to that group without approval

List of Known Issues 

  • Guideline text not available on create new conversation

  • App crash when take photo for album in zoom view (Samsung phones)

  • Show join option on group page, if user already joined to group

  • Show wrong friend in already invite section

  • Unable handle user profile, when username set as number string

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